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Web Design


Web Design


Happy Mutts



Happy Mutts needed an online store designed with full e-commerce capabilities.

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Happy Mutts

Happy Mutts needed an online store designed with full e-commerce capabilities.

Web Design


Sunny's Babysitting Services needed a fully functional website designed to provide information to clients and to serve as the main point for booking services.

Strategy, Content, Web Design

Release and Unleash

Release and Unleash needed an overhaul of their outdated website. The team redesigned and developed a multi-page e-commerce site with a orimary goal of telling the story of Release and Unleash and providing an online store where customers can find their products.

Web Design, Digital Marketing

D3 Trucking

D3 Trucking needed a website designed to help with the application process, booking consultations, and selling their digital booklets.

Strategy, Concept, Web Design

Crypto Analysis

Unsupervised Machine Learning: Clustering

Data Preprocessing, Machine Learning

Bike Sharing

Bike Sharing Data Visualization

Data Analytics, Dashboarding

Credit Risk Analysis

The Easy Ensemble AdaBoost Classifier was best at predicting high risk credit applications in comparison to the other models. With a 0.925 accuracy and a 0.91 recall score, both Easy Ensemble AdaBoost and Random Forest Classifiers outperformed the Resampling techniques in accurately predicting high-risk credit card applicants.

Supervised Machine Learning

Neural Network and Deep Learning

Overall results of the deep learning classification problem was 73% accuracy.

Supervised Machine Learning, Classification

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