What Is Data Analytics And Who Benefits From It?

Data analytics is a growing field and it's vital to any business, startup or entrepreneur. Whether you are new to data analytics and business or a veteran of the industry, you will benefit from reading this blog post because it will give you actionable advice that you may not have heard before.

What is data analytics?

Data analytics is a method of extracting useful information from data. The terms Big Data and Business Intelligence are often used interchangeably with data analytics, but they are slightly different. Big Data refers to the volume of data that is being collected and processed; whereas, Business Intelligence focuses on using the most appropriate tools to extract valuable information from this data.

Data analytics can be applied to any business or industry, but it is particularly important for those that rely on online sales, such as e-commerce websites. Data analytics can also help companies make better decisions about their products and services. For example, if a company knows what customers like about its products, it can improve these aspects of its products with future iterations.

Who can benefit from it?

Data analytics is a valuable tool for businesses, but it's also a technology that can benefit companies of all sizes. The basic idea behind data analytics is to collect and analyze data to understand how your business is performing, then use that information to make informed decisions about how to improve performance.

Data analytics can help businesses in several different ways, including:

Improving customer experience. Data analytics allows companies to learn more about their customers and provide them with better service. For example, if you have an e-commerce website, you could use data analysis tools like Google Analytics or NetInsight to track how long people spend on your site and what pages they visit most often. Armed with this information, you could optimize your site design based on what your customers are looking for — maybe they want more information about one product over another. That way, when they come back again, they'll find exactly what they're looking for faster than before.

Measuring ROI from marketing campaigns. Data analytics can help companies measure the return on investment from their marketing campaigns by tracking how many people click on certain ads or visit certain pages after clicking on those ads or visiting those pages. This helps them figure out which types of ads work best and which ones don't — and then focus their efforts.

Today's increasing capabilities in online data analytics, like those offered by Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, are helping marketers, managers and business owners gain insight into their website traffic and social media marketing success. But all these options can be overwhelming to a non-techie. How do you know which analytic package is right for you, and what if you don't even know where to start with this whole analytics thing? We’re here to help put your fears at ease and give you an actionable list of key strategies that will help you partner with a great analytics professional to get the most out of your data.

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